How To Resolve Syntax Error In WordPress

You have a website of your own and you are going to try something new, but unexpectedly you got a ‘Syntax Error‘. This error is usually caused due to a vital mistake you made in your code syntax which could be a missing comma, semicolon or extra curly brackets etc. Due to this mistake, the entire script could break.


At first, you need to dig out that line in your code due to which this error is caused. After that, you need to edit that code line. You can either remove it or fix the syntax.

If this error is not resolved, then it could cause your entire website become inaccessible. If you pasted a copied code using your WordPress Dashboard Appearance » Editor section, then you are lost!

The only way left to fix this error is to access the file you last edited by using FTP. You need to install the FTP program. After installation, connect it to your website. Now you have to find out the theme file that needs editing. If you forgot that which file you edited last time, then just look at the error code. The error will let you know exactly that which file and which line you have to edit to resolve this issue. You can either remove the code that you last added or write the code again in correct syntax. Once you are done with the removing/editing of code, save the file and upload it back to your Server. Now refresh the page of your WordPress website and it will be working fine now.

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