How to create Custom Shortcode in Avada Fusion Core Plugin

Fusion Core plugin is a companion plugin required to use Avada Theme. It can be extended by creating shortcodes. You have to create another plugin to incorporate fusion core classFusionCore_Plugin” in it.

At first, you need to remove fusion_shortcode_popup function from Parent plugin and then add this “popupfunction in Child class of your custom plugin:

Now add fusion-sc.php file in this function where shortcode array needs to be added:

In this “fusion-sc.php” file, you have to add a particular code that will be displayed in popup by clicking on shortcode icon in post visual editor. The shortcode name array will be displayed in the dropdown:

Now you can add shortcode fields array with a global variable “$fusion_shortcodes”. By using this variable, shortcode fields will be added:

By adding shortcode in the visual editor, you can render shortcode by using your own function:

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9 thoughts on “How to create Custom Shortcode in Avada Fusion Core Plugin

    Miguel says:

    This does not work…

      presstigers says:

      Dear Miguel,

      These are workable code snippets and will add a shortcode in text editor of “Avada” shortcodes as dropdown. Please take a look on following screenshot’s links for your reference:

      Let us know if we can help you further.


      Yours truly,
      Sehrish Iftikhar
      Level lll Support

    Alex says:

    Also not working for me

    Caroline says:

    I’m working on getting this going but right away, in case these folks are just cutting and pasting code, I’m noticing your add_shortcode() fx call is missing an underscore in your custom function title. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    Marcel Reschke says:

    The Problem is, that your html entities in the code blocks of your theme are escaped.


    ‘select’ => ‘Choose a Shortcode’,

    Should be:

    ‘select’ => ‘Choose a Shortcode’,

    When you change all escaped html entities, the code should be running.


      Marcel Reschke says:


      The escaped greater than arrow was rendered correctly in my comment, so it doesn’t make sense.

      You have to change “=>” to “=>”.

      Hope it’s rendered right now.

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