How to Remove Default Phone Number Styling on Apple Devices

It is commonly known to all developers that Apple devices include their default style on many elements used in the HTML, phone number is one of them. Being a developer whenever you open a web page on Apple device, it will give the default styling to the objects that are not handled separately.

This article attempts to answer the commonly-asked questions about resolving the default CSS/styling issue of phone number on Apple devices.

Let’s say you are required to show phone number of your company or your client’s company (if you are a developer), you will test the site’s compatibility on all devices (whether Android or an Apple device).

When the site is being tested on an Apple device, it is noticed that the phone number looked a bit different than on other devices. Well, just because it’s Apple. At this point, all you need to do is add the following line of HTML in the head of your HTML document/file:

After that, save the file and refresh that particular web page. The issue is resolved now.

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