How To Update Outdated Templates Of WooCommerce

WooCommerce made some major changes in its template structure in version 2.2 released in September last year. If your theme support is providing theme updates, then it should not be an issue for you. You can simply update your WooCommerce plugin and then update your active theme and everything will be fine. In case, if your theme support/updates are stopped and you update WooCommerce Plugin then you might have a few issues on your website.

Possibility is that some of your WooCommerce pages won’t be working properly at front-end. You need to update WooCommerce templates (in your theme) to meet the latest structure and standards provided by WooCommerce. Below mentioned are some rules for it. If you want to update your outdated WooCommerce templates without disturbing the layout of your pages, then you should follow these rules.

  1. Take backup of your WooCommerce templates folder for your theme
  2. Those templates are in your theme because theme developer might have changed the layout of WooCommerce pages. If you update all the templates without reading them, then there is a high probability that you might disturb the whole layout of your WooCommerce pages. In order to avoid catastrophe we don’t recommend you to update outdated WooCommerce templates blindly.
  3. You can use file comparison software (like ‘Meld Diff Viewer‘ for Ubuntu and ‘Code Compare‘ for Windows) or website (like to compare different patches of outdated WooCommerce templates in your theme with latest WooCommerce templates in your plugin. To make this procedure more efficient, you should compare different patches of templates rather than comparing whole templates at once. Remember to update template’s version on the top of every template.

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