Integration of JavaScript Frameworks with WordPress

JavaScript is among the most popular programming languages. However, with the ever-growing popularity of Node.js, Angular and React JS has grown popular for both front-end and back-end web development in recent times.

To begin with, at a basic level, let us dig into what a JavaScript Framework is.

What Is JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript framework is a set of code that helps you to create an interactive application without using a terrible line in coding. The benefit of using JS frameworks is that it will not only increase your productivity but will also help the businesses in developing robust and scalable mobility and web solutions.

For a single page application, it is always needed to develop the application with JavaScript framework, because it only has a single page and that will not look as interactive and appealing with Vanilla JavaScript and HTML.

Web and mobile developers always need firm and uninterrupted concentration on their course of work. Without the use of the framework, it will generate lots of unnecessary codes and errors, in this case debugging is very difficult to handle. To create the interactive, user-friendly, and best user interface, JavaScript frameworks are used and they prove out to perform the best.

Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks

There are several popular JavaScript frameworks and below is the list of a few most commonly used JS frameworks:


WordPress Integration

We use JavaScript frameworks on the frontend. For the backend, we need the REST API that is built in any language. WordPress provides built-in REST API so it’s very easy to integrate JS frameworks with WordPress. For displaying data on the frontend, we just need JSON from web services that WordPress provides us. Here is the list of built-in REST API endpoints:

  • Users
  • Custom Post Types
  • Categories
  • Posts
  • Products
  • Blocks
  • Comments

We can also create custom endpoints in WP REST API. After integrating WordPress with JavaScript frameworks, we can develop a lightweight, fast, robust, and scalable application that will be compatible with all platforms.

If you need any assistance or you are stuck in the middle of the process of integration of JavaScript with WordPress, please feel free to get connected to our WordPress engineers and JavaScript Developers. From WordPress APIs to plugins and themes, you can count on us if you are looking for the best performing WordPress custom services!

Written By: Hijab e Fatima

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