Loading Redux Framework Extensions into your WP Theme

Redux Framework  provides an extensive collection of frameworks is designed to simplify the developement cycle of a WordPress Theme or Plugin project. Additionally, it provides extension loader and boiler plat to make new extensions within Redux.

The extension loader is a small piece of code that loads your extension in the Theme package. You also have to follow the convention of the extension file and class names while using Redux options in your Theme. Make a directory for extension and then place the extension loader file there. Additional extensions will be placed in the very next folder of this extension.

Now let’s say you have a Theme named as “ABC”. To ensure that it runs smoothly you’ll want to make an admin directory to manage Theme options. You’ll also want to define redux theme options in option-init.php file. Follow this with creating a directory named redux-extensions. Using this directory, you will be able to manage your extensions.

Similarly, you have to place an extension loader script in the redux-extensions directory with a file name loader.php and include it in your Theme’s functions.php file as:

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