Simple Job Board Security Measures

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS as millions of people are using it nowadays. That is why, hackers and spammers always have keen interest to attack the security of WordPress. Simple Job Board is a simple and robust plugin for your WordPress site. It contains your important uploaded data related to resumes so how Simple Job Board is securing your data from hackers and spammers?

Recent Simple Job Board version is more powerful than its previous versions because now it secures your job board from malicious uploads. It also prevents general public to access your private data. Security measures are mainly focused on the following two aspects:

  1. Uploaded resume extensions
  2. General public resume access

Security Measures for Uploaded Resume:

Job Board security is measured from both ends (front-end and back-end). For front-end security, uploads are restricted to commonly used resume formats (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt ). General public is restricted only to upload their resume in above mentioned formats.

For back-end security, you can control the uploaded resume extensions from Settings menu. You can allow selected file extensions for front-end uploaded files.


Security Measures for General Public Resume Access:

Security measures are designed to prevent general public access to your resume. Anti-Hotlinking technique is applied through .htaccess file. Using this technique, uploaded resumes are only accessed through your website. If somebody will attempt to get resume from your website, then he/she will be redirected to 404.php of the activated theme.



Simple Job Board is powerful because of its security for both the uploaded resume document and hackers. It prevents the access of your resumes to general public and also stop hackers to upload bad files. You can install it from here.

User Comments

12 thoughts on “Simple Job Board Security Measures

    Chandan says:

    hi guys, I am facing some issue with this plug in. i am able to create the job listing page with the shortcode with job listings,
    but when i click on job it gives page not found error. same issue when i try to view my job post after publishing it. Please help.

      admin says:

      It seems like permalink issue. Please reset.

      For reset, go to
      Setting > Permalinks
      [NOTE: Be remembered your selected option]
      Select Default option, hit save.
      Select Your previously selected option, hit save again.

      Check If the detail page is working & if not do let us know.

    Manish says:

    I was wondering if this plugin has the facility for organizations to directly post their jobs, through my website (i.e. they can create an account and post their requirements, or post directly without creating accounts). Same thing applies to consultants/professionals using my website.
    I did not come across this feature and am not sure if it is there. Is there any workaround where users can directly post jobs etc.
    The plugin is very appealing, otherwise.
    Will appreciate your feedback.

      admin says:


      Currently, we are providing most generic features free of cost that satisfying your job board needs. We are providing job posting facility only in WP admin.

      If you want front end job posting feature in your Job Board then you have to customize the code. We can also add this feature on your requirement and it would be paid functionality.

      Kindly let us know your response then we will prepare an estimation for you.

      Thank you for writing to us.

    Thomas says:

    Hi guys,

    is possible what applicant sent to form including resume also resend to e-mail?


    Dave Beavers says:

    When I’m trying to appy to a job and uploading a docx, it just sits at submitting but never sends. Anyone have any ideas?

    David Natanael Wattimena says:

    I need to add .jpg or .jpeg on file extension, is it possible?

    David Natanael Wattimena says:

    Hai, i need to add .jpg or .jpeg on file extension for resume.

    is it possible? if it is possible, how to do that? thank you

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