Standing Out In The Crowd With The Most Commonly Used CMS In Existence

WordPress is all the rage.

Everyone’s using it, from major news publications to massive eCommerce giants. But with anything often used and not often forgotten, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

It must be granted and acknowledged that WordPress’s ease of use renders it a bit generic; with a veritable marketplace of plugins, themes and general design to choose from, the tactics and strategies we use to build our business can be applied to the way we build our websites: clean design with unique touches.

There are merits to customization, but you won’t always need it.

The first logical thought is to customize all of your WordPress content to the point of no recognition, and this is often the route site owners take. It’s viable, and some customization will be key. But it almost always requires just subtle changes to any plugin or theme in order to tastefully soup
it up.

Stay on top of the newest plugins and innovations.

Every day, the plugin market grows. Each developer is in search of the next tool to end all tools; the one that will out-do the rest and make a name for himself or his company. Thankfully, we as WordPress users can only benefit. Keep up-to-date on the trends. After all, if you can’t be the only, be the first.

Alter your site’s appearance every six months.

Once you’ve made your site the first, continue to be the first; staying on top of these trends takes a vast amount of work. It can also be scary to alter a site’s appearance or text when conversion rates are high. It is possible to maintain a general tone to a site by livening it up, though.

Small, unique touches, staying on top of trends and consistent innovation, just as in real life, are the keys to standing out in the WordPress crowd.

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