Migration From AMember To S2Member

You must update your WordPress website with the latest plugins to keep it working according to the best modern standards. When it comes to the membership plugins, there are numerous options available for grabbing. In case you are using AMember as your membership plugin, it would be good if you turn your focus towards the S2Member Plugin as it is free, better-suited and comes with excessive customizable features as compared to those present in AMember. You need to continue updating your plugins with the best ones as they enter the market to keep your business rivals far in distance with your success.

One of our Client requested for the migration of AMember to S2Member. Basically, he wanted to change his paid subscription plugin. That is why he wanted us to move his website from AMember to S2Member. We performed the following tasks to complete this requirement:

  1. Exported user data of AMember plugin
  2. Processed & prepared the data to import into S2Member plugin
  3. Verified Payment IDs
  4. Defined roles and levels as defined in AMember
  5. Configured PayPal for existing and new subscribers

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