The Secret To Blogger Success Might Just Be WordPress

What’s the secret to successful blogging?

According to marketing outlet Business 2 Community, it’s WordPress; more specifically, WordPress’s plugin market.

No other platform providers writers, thought leaders, photographers and artists with the oh-so accessible tools they need to succeed.

One such tool is “Headlines,” the plugin credited with the rise of sites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

“What “Headlines” does is automatically optimize your headlines to get more traffic and clicks,” says Roy Povarchik, a B2C writer. “What you basically need to do is simply add multiple titles to your blog posts, and Kingsumo’s algorithm will rotate the different options until it figures out the best ones (the one that will get you the most clicks) and leave it at that.”

But built-in optimization is just the tip of the iceberg.

Another plugin recommended by Povarchik, “Atomic Reach,” goes so far as to provide you a real-time grade as you write, covering bases such as emotion, grammar and title, based on existing metrics it sources from Google Analytics.

Social sharing plugins have been covered multiple times on this blog, and the most highly regarded on the market is consistently Digg Digg, marketing site Buffer’s take on the function. Unlike many other plugins, it offers the ability to alter design that won’t startle or convolute your existing layout.

So if you’re in the writing game, you may want to adopt WordPress as your own; crafted for bloggers, by bloggers, it will be your silent partner on the path to success.

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