Using A/B Testing to Compare the Performance of Web Pages

Looking at two versions of a web page in order to check which one performs better is known as A/B testing or split testing. You have to split the test into two parts for correlation. Using A/B testing technique, you can increase the revenue of your website. It is also known as multivariate testing. You can test several elements at a time in multivariate testing. Accordingly, you can get to know which elements work together on a page and play the biggest role in accomplishing the objective.

Using A/B testing, you can test everything at the front-end of your website that can affect the behavior of visitors such as:

  • Color schemes (Test color scheme of different page elements)
  • Headings (Test heading fonts, size and visibility)
  • Paragraphs (Test paragraph text from UI perspective)
  • Images (Test image quality, content, size, visibility and its placement for end users)
  • Links (Test if the link is visible to visitors and check if clicks on it increases)
  • Buttons (Test button style, color, size and text)
  • Testimonials (Test the impact of testimonials on visitors)
  • Page design (Test the design hierarchy and modern design qualities)
  • Mobile (Test web page on mobile for increasing user interaction)
  • Layout (Test Homepage, content pages and landing pages)
  • Forms (Test the length, field types and text on the forms)

Example: Button Color Test


In this figure, there are two buttons i.e; green and yellow. Let’s suppose you are testing the behavior of these buttons in order to know which of them performs better.

A- Green Button

Green is an affirming color which signifies a positive action. But in this case, it has been used with white text which completely washes the button out. It’s hard to know the purpose of this button at a first glance.

B- Yellow Button

Version B’s yellow and black button may not look nice, but its visibility is clear. It led to an almost 14.5% increase in conversions.

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