Why Is It So Vital To Backup WordPress?

People don’t really backup WordPress.

Perhaps it’s that its reactively user-friendly, seamless interface falsely demonstrates a sort of safeguard; a platform this intuitive, this simple, must not come with many requirements, right? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As Small Business Trends puts it,

This is not a good thing. According to CodeGuard’s report, backing up your WordPress website “is generally accepted to be the easiest and most cost-effective form of protection against WordPress failure.”

The fact is that any routine process could lead to the need for a backup; system updates, plugins and themes all have the potential to “break” your site (failure is a real possibility), meaning that the only viable way to ensure its safety is by backing it up.

Furthermore, although many don’t consider their sites large-scale or high profile enough to warrant a hack, the truth couldn’t be further away. Contrary to popular belief, small, poorly guarded sites are often most highly targeted, and a good hack could mean a complete loss of information.

So next time backing up seems like a painful chore, consider how much more painful it might be to completely recover all of your information should it ever be lost.

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