WordPress 4.8 (Evans) – Insights about New Features

WordPress 4.8, named after the legendary jazz pianist & composer William John Bill “Evans”, has introduced a lot of new and enhanced features which lets you express yourself or represent your brand in a better way.  Now you can use the following features to solve your problems:

  • Link improvements
  • Images Widget
  • Audio Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Rich Text Widget
  • Dashboard Widget (for displaying WordPress news and nearby WP Events)
  • Under the hood changes

Link Improvements

Updating link is a common problem in all previous versions of the WordPress. You might face a problem while updating a link or the text around a link and found no way to edit it correctly. This can be frustrating! With link boundaries (a great new feature), the process is streamlined and your links will work well. You’ll be happier.


Images Widget

For adding an image in a sidebar using a widget is a little bit difficult job for a user who is not familiar with WordPress development or Coding. For this purpose, you had to write HTML code. But now WordPress 4.8 made it simple for the user to add image in any sidebar using “Image Widget”. All you need to do is just add widget to the sidebar and select image from the media. and You’re done! Isn’t that awesome?


Audio Widget

Another good feature in WordPress 4.8 is the audio widget for users. It is more awesome if you are a pod-caster or a musician. You will just love this widget if you want to add your latest Music Album at your homepage sidebar.


Video Widget

A welcome video is a great way to humanize the branding of your website. You can now add any video from the Media Library to a sidebar on your website using this new Video widget.


Rich Text Widget

This is a very cool and awesome feature that is introduced in WordPress 4.8. Giving WordPress Widgets Rich Text Editor is an awesome thinking and Approach. Just think that you only need to add a widget, create lists, add emphasis, and insert links. Have fun with your new found formatting powers, and watch what you can accomplish in a short amount of time.


News & Events Dashboard Widget

Did you know that WordPress has a thriving offline community with groups meeting regularly in more than 400 cities around the world? WordPress now draws your attention to the events that help you continue improving your WordPress skills, meet friends, and, of course, publish!


Under the Hood Changes

To know about WordPress under the hoods changes, you need to visit the following links:

  1. Removal of core embedding support for WMV and WMA file formats
  2. Multisite focused changes in WordPress 4.8
  3. Addition of tinymce to the text widget
  4. Media widgets for Images, Video and Audio
  5. Customizer sidebar width is now variable
  6. Cleaner Headings in the admin screens

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